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tudor ensemble 1

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My Laurel Wreath Embroidery Design
tudor ensemble 1
(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2015/11/my-laurel-wreath-embroidery-design/)

It has again been some time since I posted last. But I have been busy with small projects, mostly shown on Facebook. But my mind keeps wandering back to doing a more interesting embroidery project, along with doing something that is a modern thing. So tonight I spent some time finalizing a design so I can begin this week.

My next project will be a laurel wreath for me to wear to special events. In the SCA, Companions of the Laurel are given a simple wreath of leaves to denote their station. Not a lot, really, compared to Knights with their chains, spurs and white belts. But we are after all the artistic sorts, so why not get creative in how our station is advertised, which desired at special events, like coronations and 12th Night.

I normally don’t wear a circlet, even tho I am allowed one since I was granted my Award of Arms some years ago. It simply does not work well with my French hoods or tall hats. But, I noticed that a few other Laurels from other kingdoms do wear some form of laurel wreath upon their coifs, and that I can do. And then I realized, I could make something that could be worn upon a French hood, in lieu of the typical billament of heavy jewels. I could also make the design like a billament, and wear it at other times as well, with maybe something as simple as a coif.

And so my mind wandered and tossed about many ideas and many designs. I looked at many photos of real laurel leaves, and laurel wreaths. I looked at stylized designs on the Internet, to see what I liked, and what I did not like. Until I finally realized, let’s make it simple, and let’s make it uniquely mine, just in case someone else decides to steal my final creation.

My next embroidery project design. A personal laurel wreath to wear at special events. A personal laurel wreath to wear at special events.

So, this design is what I came up with. The few orange spots are sample points for adding “berries” of some sort. At this point I’m happy with it. But, things can change when I actually work on the project, so we shall see how it ends up. Now to decide what sort of fabric to put it on.

Please note that it has my copyright all over the design. That is intentional, since it seems more and more folks, including professionals, like to steal images to reuse as their own, including my photos that had discreet copyright notices. This sadly means I will be making things clearly mine when I post.

The silver toy top badge design came from Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme when he first designed the badge for me (it is different than what is currently available online). I have permission to use it for personal use only, which this is. The leaves are from a Creative Commons image use site.

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(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2015/11/my-laurel-wreath-embroidery-design/. Comments can be posted here or there.)