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tudor ensemble 1
I bought some wool from the sale at Fabric.com last week, and it finally arrived on Friday. I didn't open the box until today. I could have gone crazy with the wool stash with all the colors they had, with prices at $4.99/yd, but I kept it sane and only ordered what I needed for one project, along with vinyl for another project. The crimson was popular with friends, but I've already got 2 large pieces that color, and wool in other colors. The wool I bought is planned for a simple Tudor gown to wear to overnight events where I need something light to keep me warm, as I've got warmer gowns already. I also bought 1.5 yards of clear vinyl for a traveling makeup/jewelry bag - the rest of this project will come from stash fabrics.

I ordered the cornflower blue herringbone twill wool, and it would seem that Cornflower Blue = Indigo blue, at least for the wool that arrived on Friday. I was hoping for a slightly lighter color, like the cornflower blue linen I had made into a kirtle, but it will still do nicely for my plans. It was thread dyed so there are subtle shades going on that is really rather pretty. I will bleach test to make sure it is 100% wool, as I don't want odd surprises. It is a lightweight wool which would make a nice skirt, so if I have extra, I can make a modern skirt, too.

And because I bought vinyl, the fabric arrived in a long box, with the vinyl on a roll, with a paper protection. Nice! I didn't want the vinyl to have creases, and on a roll already means no worries there. So far, buying from fabric.com was a nice experience, and the shipping was free since I ordered just at their minimum for free shipping, so I didn't have to pay extra for that oversized long box.

Now to actually sew up these and other items.

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Wanted to add that I had looked at the local stores first for blue wool and didn't find the right kind. It was either the heavy melton wool or it was only a remnant which was in a pretty royal blue, but at 2 yards wasn't enough for a gown. But now that I think about it, it could have been enough for a jacket - ah well. I do have linen for a summer jacket already.

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