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tudor ensemble 1

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Stencil Creation Day
tudor ensemble 1
(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2016/01/stencil-creation-day/)

Today we had planned to go to the mountains, to enjoy the snow while the whole family had the day as a holiday. The rains that came in early this morning meant we had to come up with other plans.

So, this afternoon I got out my new stencil making supplies, and decided to take my original design that I made yesterday, and make the stencils a reality. And in learning how to work with hand made mylar stencils, I found and mostly corrected a big mistake from my original design, as you will see.

Today’s post will have lots of photos for you. But, let’s start with my light box. The only tool I didn’t photograph. It has been very helpful in making my various crafts, so it is today’s unsung hero. I got it several years ago from Joann’s, with those handy coupons.

Stencil printout over mylar, marked and ready to trace. Stencil printout over mylar, marked and ready to trace.

This photo shows my design as I had printed out, and marked up with a highlighter, and pencil marks. It is glowing because I photographed it while sitting on the lit light box. I wanted to be sure that the bridges I had created would be wide enough, so I decided that some parts had to be overlayed with a second stencil, so that the center bits wouldn’t get lost. I realized later I could have just made most of them all in one, but I’m learning.

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(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2016/01/stencil-creation-day/. Comments can be posted here or there.)