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tudor ensemble 1

Kimiko Sews

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UFO Camp Kirtle
tudor ensemble 1
(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2016/01/ufo-camp-kirtle/)

UFOs, UnFinished Objects, we all have them. We who create things often find themselves unable to finish something, so the project languishes until some time later – days, months, sometimes years later. I’ve quite a few in my project bins. The one I pulled out recently, and began to finish, was a linen camp kirtle that I started shortly after I was elevated as a laurel a couple of years ago. It does not appear that I’ve written about it before. Figures.

Egenolff modelbuch plate 47(d). Cropped from the longer strip. Egenolff modelbuch plate 47(d). Cropped from the longer strip.

It is a blue linen kirtle, to replace my old, worn out, blue linen kirtle that I’ve worn for years now. This time it has a proper lining, applied by hand for each panel, and the bodice is interlined in hemp canvas. The edges are bound in bias cut fabric. I’ve been slowly working on it here and there, mostly at demos. I just was kinda blasé about it, really. I finally figured out it needed something more to make it visually interesting, to make it worthy of being worn by a Laurel, who really should improve her garb wardrobe, even if it is a garment planned to be worn during the hottest of events, or under my wool short gown, or other garb (I’ve got ideas).

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(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2016/01/ufo-camp-kirtle/. Comments can be posted here or there.)