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It really isn't until your hands are sore that you realize just how much you use them. Especially the off hand, for me my left hand, that was the injured one. I had pinched a nerve, and had to stay off the hand and minimize its use for awhile - over two months now. I have only recently been doing hand exercises to help improve it since the left hand is still weak. The hand still has twinges of soreness, but not the sharp pains I was getting, which is good.

This did mean that the wool short gown had to be put aside, as I couldn't do more than a couple of eyelets at Great Western War before the left hand complained again, and that was in early October. But yesterday I tried another eyelet and was able to continue and finish up the whole set. I am taking breaks to let the hand rest.

I also did something different for me. I had read in Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns: Book 1 about how eyelets were sewn with one very long thread, linking each eyelet under the fabric. Well, I normally use short lengths of thread, so I tried to see how many eyelets I could do with a whip stitch of linen thread (50/3 Londonderry). I used a length of thread roughly a yard long or a little more. I was able to sew up 5 eyelets spaced 3/4" apart. Not bad! I did a couple of backstitches before and after each eyelet to keep the tension from pulling on already completed eyelets.
5 eyelets, 1 thread.
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November ArtEvDaMo
November is usually Art Every Day Month, and usually I do play along. And usually I loose steam about halfway through the month.

This year I will not be specifically participating, although I do plan to do as much creative work as I can find time for. However, I also have plans to work on gathering research and writing stuff for Pentathalon, and maybe another outlet as well, so not all creative stuff this month.

That, and I've got other things I need to focus on. So, maybe next year I will make a strong daily work on being creative.


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