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I am returning to muse...
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... on costume ideas for the tailor/merchant class character costume I would need for both SCA events, and for the tailoring shop I am hoping to do at certain ren-faires (no idea which ones yet). The issues tonight are... what types of fabrics do I use, and do I make it Henrician or Elizabethan?

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For various reasons I am leaning more towards the Elizabethan style. I am getting tired of the Henrician era at this point, and there are only 2 events I might attend. Elizabethan seems to be simpler overall, the foresleeves would offer a variety of looks, and it isn't one that is seen in my area very much (at least, not yet). The question in either eras would still remain... what fabric to use for the kirtle... since most often that is what folks would see me wearing in the heat of the events, unless it was cool enough to wear the gown as I properly should. If only my area had the far lower temps of ol' England. The kirtle is also the garment I would have to make up first (besides a new smock).

Oye, it is late. Off to bed with me. Hopefully I can do more than musings and actually get creative soon.

More stuff on the tailor's shop research
handsewing, tailor sewing
I am hunting down research images on the Tailor's shop idea, and finding squat for the most part... meaning I'm finding stuff I already had found before for the most part. But I did find this link on "Tailors, Seamstresses, & Sewing Tools". Really covers a broad range of time periods from medieval to Jacobian. Most of my time period stuff (pretty much anything 16th century) I had already found on my own... for the most part.

The above linked to some interesting images I hadn't seen before, including this one of a needlecase from the Museum of London. I want it as a reproduction, no cord necessary as I can twist up my own. Anyone know of a metalworker that could or already does make it? I've found a similar repro, on Pewter Replica's site. This one is 15th century, and is nicer looking, so I may buy it.

hsifeng, you will want to look at the bottom of the links page, as there is a list of German tailors (17th century it notes) that should interest you. I had found a few of the images myself already, but this lists a lot more of them, too many for me to link to here.
"Additional early 17th century tailors in the Mendel and Landauer Hausbuchen: Veit Schober, 1604; Georg Widerbauer, 1607; Hanns Heinla, 1610; Wolf May, 1611; Wolf Hirn, 1612; Bartl Harder, 1613; Wolff Rauscher, 1629; Hanns Albrecht, 1632; Hanß Heffner, 1634"

I did find the following of interest showing more than just a man working.
  • Hanns Heinla, 1610 (I want that table in the background to hold stuff while I work.)
  • Bartl Harder 1613 (I am wondering how the cute little black dress or cape is being held up on the wall)
  • Wolff Rauscher (is he sewing fashion/doll clothes? They are so tiny on the wall)

And I had to make a new icon for my tailoring shop search. It's a detail from Hanns Heinla, 1610.

Merchant class costume info
handsewing, tailor sewing
Got bored while the guys did their boomblox game on the wii, so I went digging into various things online... from ideas on my tailor's pavillion/shade awning, to info on merchant class clothing.

Interesting, it is Lynn McMaster's info that is being shown, as I recognize her email address, but it is being hosted on Drea's site. It has color images from "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" by G. Braun et Hogenberg, 1572.

I went looking for John Speed's map of England, but the only image I could find so far was too small to make out the details of the people on that page. I am too tired to try and locate a larger image, although I was finding scads of John Speed maps that are large enough to make out details, but they are of other locations.

I did find a modern book (1935) on the Elizabethan middle class that is available here. "Middle-Class Culture in Elizabethan England". (later: I note that it requests your email address before allowing access to the book. Didn't see that when I got there through google search)

This Sempstress dress diary on her middle class gown. Too tired to read it right now.

Another set of Civitates, in b&w woodcuts in very large size. Has images from various UK cities.

And there is this image of 4 English women by Lucas de Heere that I have in my site (forgot about it until now). Goes with the Fete at Bermondsley I already have a copy of from wikimedia, since Maggie posted her super large scan some time ago.

And as I am posting this in my sewing blog, previous "tailor's shop" tagged info can be seen at my regular blog, although it is not clothing related until now.

Must do more using this search term "middle class elizabethan", but not now. I am tired and going to head to bed.

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