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High Necked Smock in Progress
Actually, I am almost done, but am waiting to finish it after dinner tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning as I'm feeling blah.

For the fabric, I am finally using the linen I bought in L.A. Garment District last year, after CoCo. This stuff is lovely, a nicer weave than the stuff found at fabrics-store.com, with far less slubs and finer threads. It is a light-medium weight, heavier than hankey weight, which also means I won't be showing off parts of me I don't want to. But not a full medium weight like I usually make my outer garments from. And it was only $7/yd since I bought 10 yards of it. I only used 2 yards, and have enough left over from that 2 yards to make another coif when I get my pattern back.

I ended up using the Smock Generator that other folks have used. This is my first time doing so. I had planned to use the pattern I had, but it is missing, so smock generator ended up faster than retracing all those pieces. Besides, I felt if I used it and it worked well, I could suggest it to my local Barony, since it creates a basic tunic like so many in the SCA use. What I found out is that it also offers a simple T-tunic pattern if you check an option for that instead. And you get directions on sewing it together, which I kinda ignored after understanding the basics - which is a modern method of sewing. more on the shirt...Collapse )

I was hoping to get the ruff done tomorrow, but the lace I ordered (from Dharma Trading #LH106) has not shown up. So I may have to borrow one again this year. The ruff will be a suit, with smaller ones at the wrists. I can make and starch one in one day, but it takes at least a day to dry in the sun (not baking them ever again) and then set. We leave Friday afternoon. I guess I'll see what happens.

And the hand blackwork pattern I mentioned before has been started. I'm starting with the collar slit area, in the bottom corner and the pattern looks lovely. I may even be able to add in a plaited braid stitch for the path as it is wide enough for one. If I do, I will practice the stitch to get it looking good first.

Sewing kids PJs should be easy, right?
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I am back to sewing again, only this time it is the flannel pjs I had promised my kids before Christmas. Yeah, that late.

For the kids I am working on this Simplicity pattern, which for the most part is pretty easy to put together. I plan on making this for both kids. It comes all in one size package, which is great as I can also make this for my husband or me, if I wanted. Right now I am focused on the kids, as Rob said he can wait for next fall. I started with our daughter who loves Tinkerbell. Read more...Collapse )

Petticoat bodies pics and start on the kirtle pattern
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I am taking a break from the petticoat, which at this point is mostly hand sewing, which I plan on doing tonight and tomorrow night while watching tv or something.

I got a little long winded (again), so the pics and kirtle details are behind a cut... Read more...Collapse )

Channels done.
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Channels are all sewn down now. And I've come to realize that I am going to have to put in some of the small boning pieces in before I can sew the back seams together or anything else, really. So, those will get wetted, dried, and cut later this evening.

Note to self: With reeds, do NOT undo the tied portion at the beginning of the reel. They hold onto the entire bundle of reeds once the small ribbon ties are cut off. Thankfully, I realized that before undoing the ties, so I retied them with some hemp cord I had on hand. Whew!

And the finger tool I mentioned before... is a sewing trolley I bought from Hedgehog Handworks last CoCo.

Finally, some sewing!
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Well, sewing tonight was good. I managed to baste together and sew the channels of one front panel before I got cross-eyed from looking at the sewing lines. While I was sewing, I realized or did a few new (or not so new) things that I thought I would share with you as sewing tips. some sewing tips behind the cut...Collapse )

So not happy
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Oh, I am not happy with myself.

I went and carefully marked out my pattern pieces onto the damask pattern, and the coutil, too. Then happy with it, and thinking I had remembered to add extensions to the side and top seams of the damask to wrap around for binding those edges, since they are not actually bound in the original effigy, then I proceeded to cut out all of the fabric. Go me, as that is done! and then that's when it happened...Collapse )

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