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Purple fairy completed
tudor ensemble 1
The purple fairy was finished shortly before it was worn for Halloween. The bodice and skirt portions went together pretty well, even with the obvious mismatched band on the underside, since I used stash binding materials instead of buying something new. It is supposed to have elastic at the waist, but I decided it wasn't necessary in order to finish quicker. The waist cincher should have covered the waistline, but... I could NOT find the eyelets I know I have in my stash so I could not lace up the cincher properly. This is why the waist cincher sits too high, since I had to close them in the back with the ever handy safety pins... which made it tighter than it should have been. Ah well, it still worked out.

The fairy wings were more of a problem than first anticipated. They are velcro'd to the back of the finished dress. I cut them out as two separate pieces, which was bound around the ends to hold the millinery wire I used for support. But I made the mistake in not leaving the portions in the middle that would have connected the two wings, so they are still two separate pieces, which is hard for keeping it stable and work together. I'm not sure it is worth fixing at this point, but they survived the evening just fine.

The wizard robes were also done. They were really easy; cut out and sewn together in one night. The edges are simply turned twice and sewn down, as I decided not to deal with a lining. I made the sleeves a little too snug near the armpits, but it worked for tonight. It will be kept in mind if I make them, or something like it, again.

A short writeup with photos of both Halloween outfits are on my web site here.

Edit: I found the eyelets behind the grommet box the next day when I put my project stuff away.

Progress on purple fairy
tudor ensemble 1
Got most of the fairy bodice done, and started into the skirt with lots of petals to serge. Got 4 done, 4 more to go. Polyester organza doesn't shift too badly with the serger, but it is pinned down a bit which slows me down. It was harder to do the narrow machine hem even with my special foot, but it looks decent even with the slight ruffle to the edge.

My eyes are too gritty to stay awake. I hope to get most of the fairy outfit done tomorrow so I can make Cam's wizard's cloak for his Harry Potter outfit. He doesn't have to wear it for school, since they aren't doing Halloween activities anymore (now it is a "fall party" on Friday, no costumes), so I can finish it up on Saturday if needed.

Now off to sleep.

Starting a purple fairy
tudor ensemble 1
Just wanted to post that I've begun cutting into Relle's purple sparkly fabrics for her Tinkerbell friend costume for Halloween. Still have one more fabric to cut, the tulle for the skirt support. Her fabrics are all sparkly, except the tulle, so I expect to have lots of glitter around the house when I am done. And she picked out the color, well, she picked out the multicolor glitter fabric we are using for her wings, which I then used to pick out the other colors in the sale satins. We almost went with a rust color, but then it would mean different wings, and she didn't want to do that.

And I have to say I am not impressed with Fiskar's Donna Dewberry brand of rotary cutter. I bought it because it was purple, and I wanted a new rotary cutter. It died after only cutting 4 (paired) pieces of the pattern, on polyester sparkly fabric. It got stuck, wouldn't rotate, then it would rotate but not cut through the top fabric layer, even after several attempts in one area. How sad is that?

Thankfully, my trusty Olfa cutter had no problems with the rest of that fabric, or the sparkle organza that had little bits of hard shiny bits to cut through.

I may just take the DD cutter back to Joanns, and get replacement blades for the Olfa instead.

Well, off to bed, with the rest of the fabrics to get cut tomorrow.


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