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Busy work
tudor ensemble 1
Been busy today doing little, but enough. Have been so busy working on the blackwork, that I've neglected the stuff I should be working on for upcoming events, from my scroll that needs to be turned in in a few weeks, to any sewing I should be working on. And I've gotten my right arm sore from the work. But it is looking pretty! I've got about 2/3 of the current hoop filled (12" or so hoop size). A little further, and I will have to shift to empty fabric.

I spent tonight working on my scroll, which I will discuss in my regular journal.

Tomorrow I plan to start on taking my Tudors apart, so I can shorten the bodices, take off the skirt lining which is weighing it down, and put it back together.

It looks like my knee will not be in better shape by the weekend, so I most likely will not be going to Northern/Casa de Fruita faire this upcoming Saturday. While I want to go, I also have two upcoming back to back events I need to focus getting things ready for. The blackwork I've been doing took time away that I could have better spent working on those things, like shirts and a warm loose gown. But I will do what I can to catch up. None of it is critical stuff, so I am not going to push it. I just want to at least get started and work on them as I can.

Well, off to do something else. Not sure what... other than I need to clean the nibs, and probably do the pile of dishes (ugh).

I know what I am doing next year in October
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"The Right Noble Company of Clothiers invites one and all to attend the Black Rose Ball on the 16th of October, 2010. The theme for this year's ball is 'The Field of Cloth of Gold' a historical meeting that took place in 1520 between King Henry VIII and King Francis I. The ball will be held in the Barony of Lyondemere and we will announce the location soon. You won't want to miss it!"

This is almost tailor made for my time period and skills! Not to mention I will already have a kickass gown by that point, although my kickass gown will actually be from about 20 years later, but I can mod things ... maybe. Oh, this gives me even more incentive to do that whole outfit, not like I don't need the incentive.

I just have to figure out how to celebrate my daughter's birthday properly, since her birthday is the day after next year. Maybe we can do Disneyland or something suitable. And daddy says maybe.

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CoCo 2009
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From demode, that I wanted to share to those few who might not read her blog.

Costume College (in Van Nuys, CA) already has their class list up, so if you've been thinking about going (and there are still spots open it seems), then check out the list and see if this is of interest to you. If so, get your ticket soon, especially to get into their limited classes. The limited class list gets sent out mid April, usually.

It looks like quite a spread of new and interesting classes this year!

eta: Forgot to mention in this blog, I am teaching one of the classes, Ladies' Hoods of the Henrician Era.

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