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A Bobbin Lace Bolster Pillow
One of the items I will be learning how to create at the upcoming IKINS will be bobbin lace, specifically for an Elizabethan glove.

I've wanted to make such a glove for a long time, and while I'm not one that wants to add yet another hobby of bobbin lace, well, I may as well learn how and get some made for my costuming needs.

However, I also don't want to spend lots of money on a pillow I might only use a few times. But I did get a foam pillow thing some years ago when I first took a class on bobbin lace making (at Costume College, iirc). It is still around, but... it isn't very period looking, and it is rather large and unwieldy, and it is very lightweight. It would do for another class, but... I've wanted a bobbin bolster for awhile, since I saw a friend using one at a small renfaire years ago. And I wanted to make it on the cheap if possible. info under the cut and a photo, with link to album.Collapse )

Not much happening...
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... but I figured I would post a short bit.

Basically, I am finishing up my projects for Pentathlon, which will be happening mid-March. Not sure who on my friends list might be judging, so if you might be judging, please don't read what is under this cut... Read more...Collapse )

A&S 50 for 2009
tudor ensemble 1
Stash challenges discussed elsewhere reminded me of A&S 50, which I am trying to keep track of. So far this year...

#1 is my pair of bodies.

French farthingale, when done, will be #2 for the year.

I need to do something with my illuminations, but I've been so focused on the sewing that I've been neglectful. Hopefully, once I know how fast or slow the bodice embroidery will take, I can spend a day or two working on that.


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