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Friday I traded out the downspouts on the SE and NE corners of the house and moved the rain barrel to the back by the garden.  Hopefully due to how the gutters drain there will be less going into (overflowing) the barrel and we'll avoid flooding the window well.  It filled up way to fast when it rained last week.  I also held the cupboard door steady so Leofwyna could screw it back up.

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I don't know why I haven't been posting lately, since I have been sewing. I've been working on my Seaside Bustle for about a week now, in the hopes of potentially finishing it in time for the Easter Bonnet Picnic I'm hosting this Sunday. At this point, I have the skirt and overskirt completely done except hooks/eyes, and the bulk of the bodice is together, too. I still have to figure out how to do the pleated/gathered soft-ish front section of the bodice, plus the collar, closures, and finishing.

I also made a Dr. Who meets Winnie the Pooh embroidered t-shirt for my mom for her birthday, which she got today and loves!

But, as usual, no pics yet. Sorry. Maybe someday, but clearly I'm very bad at following through with that... 

Yay! Sparklies!
Look at the gorgeous parure I got from Taylor of Dames a la Mode!


I'm going to wear it, if all go as planned, in the fall. And just normally because it's sooo pretty :)

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Thursday I concentrated on getting several loads of laundry done.

LiveJournal not affected by Heartbleed
theljstaff wrote in news

Dear users,

As you might have heard, a major vulnerability in SSL (the secure channel used for HTTPS) has been detected recently. As many as two thirds of internet sites were affected, including social networks and major web sites.

We are happy to confirm that LiveJournal is not vulnerable and has not been affected at all.

Meanwhile, in the past 12 months we have been working hard to deploy many security features to protect user data.

Nevertheless, even though LiveJournal was not affected by the Heartbleed bug, changing your password is still a good idea, especially if you use similar passwords on other sites whose data may have been compromised. If you haven't changed your password in the last year, we recommend that you do so now.

First Flower!
I totally unexpectedly made the first flower for my gala dress tonight. It's five velvet petals interlined with silk organza and already covered in cat hair. I also made the first silver bead. It's filament silk wrapped around a plastic bead. I started with wood beads, but they caught very badly on the filament silk. I was going to do velvet stuffed buttons like on the cotehardie for the black buttons, but that isn't working so I'm going to order more of the floss from the Japanese Embroidery Center in black, and some more beads from Etsy.

First Flower

Of course, I'll do a tutorial on the flower! It'll have to be done during daylight though. This took about twenty tries to get halfway decent, even with a tripod, and then I actually successfully improved the exposure a little bit on the computer.

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Wednesday I got my community garden plot paid for and stopped in at a couple Goodwills.  I found and bought 13 pint canning jars.  At philosophy night we discussed 'should laurels enter kingdom A&S competitions'.  As Master Gerald observed afterwards, everyone has a different observation and it's fascinating that the consensus is a unanimous yes.  Back at home I put the final borders on the 'cowboy' quilt top and added it to the Kronberg pile.

I just updated my blog with an article on hemming. I figured I may as well share how I do it on my own! I demonstrate it on my cotehardies, which are fairly annoying gored skirts.

As for the pink cotehardie, it just needs flat felling and a hem. The 25 buttons are done! And it fits! Yay!


reenactor1Despite what Mother Nature is doing to us (Seriously 69 degrees on Monday to 34 and snow on Tuesday), re-enacting season is upon us. Time to pull out the garb and see what the moths have done during the winter, and see if Santa brought a few extra inches along with that fruit cake.

I have grand plans of different outfits, but first I need to focus on getting some projects done and checked off the list to keep my UFOs down. Until then, I need to put my nose to the grind stone, get things done, and make due with what I have. Dreaming of new garb until then.

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Costumes for sale

I'm selling several costumes, some I've made, some I bought. Most descriptions are in french so just contact me if you need more details. Thank you.


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