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Very clever! I love stash projects *and* practical projects (& a good how-to is also pretty awesome ;-)

Thank you. I'm also happy with how this combined all three factors.

Nice! I've got just a piece of covered foam. I need to have someone show me, the books just don't make sense to me.

I've started from the very beginning, again, and am trying my best to follow the book I have, The Bobbin Lace Manual. It's ok, but confusing as there isn't much on visuals for the process, and how the basics were described were rather lacking. But it is all I've got for a book. I don't have anyone in my area that does lace that I know of.

So I am looking online. I just found a nifty site that has better visuals than my book does.
I've just found it so I'm going to start reading and see if it helps more - but from what I see so far it looks good.

I'm also hoping for a good video, which I've yet to hunt for - maybe after dinner.

Do you intend do learn metal thread bobbin embroidery like Bjarne does? I have a friend that is about to learn b.l. specifically for that purpose

Yes, that is what the IKINS class will be teaching. I just have to figure out the basics before then. Not that easy when it seems every teaching place has their own way of doing some things, so I'm a little confused. But I will figure it out.

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