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Creative But Slowly
tudor ensemble 1
(Cross posted from A Gentlewoman's Blog: http://kimiko1.com/blog/2014/07/creative-but-slowly/)

It has been a month since I posted last, but I have been slowly working on a few creative projects.

One project is a woodworking project. No, I’m not making it from wood, they are already made and purchased, from various sources. I am working on ideas on how to decorate the wooden items. One is a wooden narrow small box that I use for my sewing tools. Another is a set of 2 wooden poles that I need to finish so I can use them for my silk banner. And the final is a lovely, well crafted portable break-down chair I bought from Wildhare Woodworks last GWW, and finally got a couple of weeks ago. I started sanding the wooden items, and filling in minor holes with wood putty, but then we hit 100+ temps and so since I have to do that outside it has been put on hold until the temps come down a little. I still haven’t figured out which design I posted on FB best, so I’m just letting those ideas stew a bit longer.

I did start painting my device on a canvas banner. Not much to show there really, just a big blob of yellow on the white canvas. I will share more later.

Last Sunday I worked on an illuminated letter that I’ve worked on and off since last year sometime. I added in the red squares this time, and started in on all the tiny little dots. I hope to get it turned in to the Kingdom soonish. I just hadn’t realized when I chose to do background diapering that all those tiny squares, and then all the white work dots, would take so long to do. I just thought it would be cool to add to make the illumination more period looking.

illuminated L in Progress

Sorry I didn’t add in something for scale. It is about 3.5 inches square, more or less. And don’t those dots really change the character of the background colors?

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